Automated End-to-End Testing and Certification


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Ascert was founded in 1992 as a supplier of specialized testing software and services to the Tandem NonStop server market - a platform for which "failure is not an option."

Building on the success enjoyed in this ultra-critical market, our expanded product line now offers powerful testing facilities for all common server platforms.

What We Do

We build best in class automated software testing solutions that help many of the world's biggest and best companies measure application performance, reliability and scalability.

Our products help testing professionals better manage their process and environment through an end to end tool set. Our off-the-shelf simulators include solutions for testing EFT, POS, ATMs, IFX, EMV, ISO 8583, ISO 20022 and 3270 & 6530 terminals.

Our professional consulting services augment your testing team by helping to implement, teach and customize our software for your unique needs.

Why We Do It

Over just a few short years computer systems have gone from valuable business tools to essential services, underpinning the fabric of modern society. If they fail, money doesn’t flow, shares don’t trade, telephones don’t connect, planes don’t fly, even our electricity can be cut off.

Everything is digital, and software that works as designed is critical. Proving that complex systems operate correctly has never been more important. Doing so cost effectively, in a reliable and repeatable manner, even under extreme conditions, is in our DNA.

What It Means To You

Software development is a challenging task involving many interrelated steps. Collaboration between developers and tester is often missing and deployment of automated testing solutions often fails. Our products are built to help clients implement a reliable and usable automated testing environment. Our solution is used in the most rigorous testing conditions on the most mission critical applications to reduce risk of failure, improve time to market and increase quality.

Who We Do It For

With over 100 clients worldwide, our products and services are used at some of the largest and best companies - only a few of whom we can mention. We are very proud of the clients that have deployed our solutions.

Who We Do It With - Our Partners

Ascert partners with several other industry leaders in order to provide our market leading solutions. We have strategic relationships with several companies, as well as having our own partnership program for companies that wish to leverage our products to provide their own solutions. More details can be found here.