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Interac Testing Solutions

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Ascert, an innovator in testing software technologies, has a long history of providing solutions to test the Interac switch. First in use in 1997, contactless cards have continued to grow in usage and popularity. The contactless card contains a small radio frequency antenna and microchip inside that allows a transaction to be processed without having to enter a personal identification number or sign a receipt. Contactless technology is part of the Interac Flash debit card, allowing users to make a payment instantly by holding the card up to a supporting card reader.

Utilizing the easy to use VersaTest interface, the Ascert Interac Driver allows financial institutions to conduct testing of contactless card processing in an offline environment. The Ascert Interac Driver is used to test a variety of transaction operations and scenarios, including fraudulent use. The comprehensive testing capabilities allow users of the software to ensure that updates to card processing applications occur in an error-free fashion.

If you interface with the Interac switch, Ascert can provide a flexible solution for your testing needs. You can license a test pack for hosting on your own server or subscribe to the cloud based testing service. Both paths provide a fully functional Interac test simulator that can connect to your own live or virtual interface. To get you started quickly, Ascert also provides a starter set of functional test cases that can get you operating in as little as 30 minutes.

Would you like a risk free analysis and test drive of the Interac test system? Send us an email and an Ascert Associate will grant you access to the test system. Just put “Interac Test” in the subject line.