Automated End-to-End Testing and Certification



Ascert expands certification, ATM testing, and end-to-end test capabilities with Ascertified, its cloud-based testing service. 

Ascert continues to expand its testing service offerings ...


Twenty-five years of innovation, growth and solid business philosophies lead the company to a historic milestone

Sausalito, California – 14th November 2017. Ascert has reached an exciting...


The latest update to Ascert’s VTERM product adds significant automation to the process of testing green screen 6530 & 3270 applications

Because of the proprietary...


Building on its robust library of interface simulations, Ascert makes available a cloud-based version of its UK Link LIS5 simulator.

LIS5 is the standard followed by the national UK Switch...


Ascert expands new cloud based API testing services for financial transactions

Mobile commerce continues to expand rapidly into a variety of arenas; both cloud based as well as new hardware...