Automated End-to-End Testing and Certification


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"The essential Enscribe tool for any NonStop toolbox"

Relate is a server-based product that provides intelligent comparison and maintenance functions on all types of Enscribe files on HP's NonStop systems.

Unlocking Your Enscribe Data

Relate provides SQL-like command-line operations, to enable operations to be performed on a targeted set of records within an Enscribe file. Relate's use of an application's existing data definitions ensures that field-level changes to files can be made or identified in the quickest and most reliable manner possible. Relate's ability to markup existing data definitions enables record overlays to be intelligently applied, and variably-formatted records, as found in applications such as ACI's BASE24, to be easily handled, all without the development of any custom code.

Relate is of significant assistance to software developers and testers, with the building and testing of new and old applications, as well as to those working in technical support roles, who may want to make rapid global changes to files. It's command-line operation make it well-suited to programmatic operation from managed test environments, such as VersaTest Automator.

Advantages of Relate

Relate removes the need for manual file comparison where some data always changes. It helps to speed up development of test data sets and improves the QA and maintenance of new and existing applications:

  • Enables file changes to be audited and detected.
  • Removes the need to develop custom one-off file maintenance applications.
  • Enables rapid fixing of application files.

Exploring Further

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