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Product Editions

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Relate is available in a number of packages to suit your data processing needs:


The Intelligent Data Comparison and Maintenance Facility, Relate dynamically reads record definitions contained in DDL dictionaries or COBOL copybooks, in order to perform field-level operations on Enscribe files. These may be record updates / inserts / deletions / aggregations which can be performed globally across an entire file, or, using SQLCI-like syntax, constrained to a specified selection of records.

Relate can also be used to intelligently compare database files, using algorithms appropriate to the types of file being compared. Because Relate reads the record formats from the DDL dictionary, field differences can be identified by name, or can even be excluded from the comparison process.


Relate+ is an add-on to the popular base Relate product. In addition to the features of Relate, Relate+ provides enhanced data migration functionality and the ability to handle variably-formatted records.

The former includes advanced date and time processing functions, to facilitate data conversion and remediation projects.

Variable-formatted records are those that do not follow a strict fixed format as indicated by a DDL or COBOL data definition. Instead the records consist of fields (or groups of fields) which are either variable in length, or perhaps not even present in the record at all. Either situation will impact the placement of the later fields in the record. Such data formats are common in data-communication applications, where it is desirable to reduce the physical amount of data transferred in order to optimize transmission speeds and reduce transmission costs.

An example of such records can be found within ACI's BASE24 Classic product. These Relate features were developed with the assistance of ACI to assist with the QA testing of their Version 6.0 release.


Relate/PCI specifically addresses the problem of ensuring that customer private data is not inadvertently used in testing or development or exposed to malicious entities. The product helps companies seeking PCI certification ensure compliance with sections 3, 6, 7, 8, and 11 of the PCI standards by using security access controls, fingerprinting, and data masking technologies.

PCI DSS compliance can't be achieved with just one policy or technology. Relate/PCI is one powerful piece of the larger puzzle. Companies that deal with consumer specific personal information need to ensure that they are using every possible means to secure that information. Relate/PCI helps them to do that by adding security controls and data masking technology for sensitive information; while ensuring data integrity for use in analyzing production data for various test and troubleshooting activities.

The product also supports the intelligent extract of data from production data using the same masking technology to ensure representative, but compliant, test files for use in systems and performance testing. The Relate/PCI Edition employs fail-safe protocols to eliminate accidental use of customer private information in test systems and ensure that data security is not compromised by malicious entities. Additionally, the smart fingerprinting feature allows differentiation within a file between sensitive and non-sensitive data, providing finer resolution and greater confidence to file integrity checks.

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