Automated End-to-End Testing and Certification


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The VersaTest Family of Products

VersaTest is a powerful family of software testing solutions that work at the message level to perform machine interface-level testing of systems and server-based applications. Though used by testing professionals across industries, its widest use in is the testing of mission-critical payments applications and networks in the retail and banking industries, such as those found in the processing of POS (point of sale) and ATM transactions. Its flexibility has also enabled it to be successfully used in other areas from the testing of healthcare information systems and telecommunication networks all the way to to air traffic control systems - anywhere that computers exchange messages, regardless of the form, VersaTest has been successfully used.

The key to VersaTest's wide-ranging applicability is that it has the industry’s most powerful testing engine underpinning the complete family of products. This allows the widest range of testing activities to take place within a single product, enabling the greatest return on investment in testing activities by reducing the number of products that must be purchased and the associated personnel training costs.

There is a VersaTest solution designed to fit any company’s testing needs or budget. Whether it be a point solution for low-volume unit testing of an individual industry-standard interface, as provided by VersaTest Simulator, or a completely custom multi-machine environment to perform the highest levels of stress testing on a new vendor application, as has been undertaken using VersaTest Classic, VersaTest has proved itself time and again.

We're confident there's a VersaTest solution that can meet your needs. We invite you to explore further the product information available in this section:

You may also want to review our product comparison grid, and then contact us to discuss your needs in greater detail.