Automated End-to-End Testing and Certification

VersaTest Automator

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"Taking automation to the next level"

VersaTest Automator delivers the simplicity of VersaTest Simulator to more complex enterprise environments. These environments utilize multiple devices and applications that demand true end-to-end automated testing,as well as the flexibility to interoperate with multiple testing tools.

Simulation Does Not Equal Automation

Implementing simulators to replace live interfaces address many of the problems inherent in repetitive tasks. But, simulation on its own does not provide automation. True automated testing needs additional levels of management reporting, integration and control that simulators on their own cannot give.

VersaTest Automator addresses these additional needs, so enabling the integrated end-to-end testing of more complex environments in a highly automated manner. Test steps can involve multiple devices and applications, making the process of specifying and performing tests in heterogeneous environments almost trivial.

VersaTest Automator also allows integration within test management packages, such as HP’s Quality Center. By providing the linkage between these management tools and the simulators which actually execute the tests, Ascert can eliminate the gap that exists between test documentation, simulation and true test automation.

VersaTest Automator comes preloaded with two drivers. Additional drivers can be downloaded from Ascert’s online Driver Library and incorporated directly into the test environment. Custom drivers can also be developed.

Advantages of VersaTest Automator

True automation of testing results in huge benefits. Test runs that previously took days or even weeks to execute can be completed in a matter of hours providing significant return on investment through time savings alone.

  • No scripting required, enables use by a wide range of personnel
  • Enables frequent regression and performance testing with more confidence in results
  • High level pass/fail management view of testing with drill-down for detailed analysis
  • Integrates with 3rd party test managers, such as HP Quality Center