Automated End-to-End Testing and Certification

VersaTest Classic

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"Power and control for serious testing professionals"

VersaTest provides a scripted, multi-platform, simulation environment that can be scaled from single transactions to full-scale stress tests. This solution is targeted specifically for technicians who are adept at writing and maintaining scripts. Scripts can range from simple replay of captured data, to sophisticated full functional simulations of end user devices, applications, middleware, or networks

Take Charge of Your Testing

VersaTest Classic provides the power and flexibility for testing professionals who want to maintain their independence from outside vendors. It uses the powerful VTALK scripting language developed by Ascert to simplify the task of creating test scripts for many diverse testing requirements. The script writing process is designed specifically for testing and simulation making it simpler, easier to write, easier to understand, and results in faster execution.

VTALK's is capable of simulating practically any device or application interface, from biometric payments applications to air traffic control systems. It has been used as the power behind several national payments certification schemes and even embedded in live deposit-taking ATM's to provide value-added functionality.

VersaTest Classic supports headless operation, or can be controlled from the easy to use VWIN GUI. VWIN displays the progress of executing tests and allows sophisticated interaction with the script, or initiation of batch files for unattended testing. Reporting is flexible and can be viewed online or exported for offline analysis.

VersaTest Classic will run on any platform which supports the Java Runtime Environment. This includes, Windows platforms, Linux, AIX, Solaris and OSS on HP NonStop Servers. Additionally, on HP NonStop Servers, VersaTest Classic can run natively on the NonStop Kernel.

Advantages of VersaTest Classic

VersaTest Classic has a solid foundation in the mission critical HP NonStop Server environment. The Java version builds on this foundation and allows user flexibility to conduct testing using the same scripts in a platform independent fashion.

  • Allows any interface to be simulated and maintained by the user.
  • Allows access to multiple communications protocols, including TCP/IP, HTTP, SOAP, WebSPhere MQ and legacy protocols.
  • Comprehensive reporting of test data with export for external analysis.