Automated End-to-End Testing and Certification

DFS Driver Development

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Course Overview

Duration: 3-5 days, depending on specific attendee requirements


This course provides basic training in development of Driver Framework Standard (DFS) Drivers for use with VersaTest Automator. It covers the required internal structure of a DFS driver, the definition and use of required configuration files, the use of DFS standard rules, the creation and use of driver-specific rules, and other required components including the VTALK scripting language. Delegates will build a DFS Driver based on a provided standard framework.

Course Objectives

Practical Skills

On completion of the course, attendees will be able to:

  • Create new DFS Drivers by cloning and modifying existing drivers
  • Modify existing drivers to implement new functionality
  • Create DFS Driver Variants to support specific driver usage
  • Use the VTALK scripting language to define message structures and driver-specific rules
  • Use the VersaTest Message Editor to create required template records
  • Use the VersaTest Visual Debugger to analyze script execution
  • Use the JEdit tool to perform VTALK scripting

Knowledge and Understanding

Attendees will also gain the following knowledge and understanding:

  • Understand the required and optional DFS driver features
  • Understand the standard directory structure for DFS Drivers
  • Understand the source file structure for DFS drivers
  • Understand the standard TxnTypes model for inbound message identification
  • Understand how Apache Ant is used to build packaged DFS drivers
  • Understand why Driver Variants are used and how they are created


Purchase of Ascert’s Driver Development Kit (DDK) is required for organizations wishing to perform DFS driver development.  The DDK includes tools, documentation, examples and the rights to source code access for a single driver.  The DDK must be available on the system used during this course.

All course attendees must have completed the VersaTest Automator Introduction and Test Case development class. Additionally, they will need the technical skills as described below.

  • Familiarity with 'message-based' applications
  • Experience with a programming or scripting language
  • Basic understanding of communications concepts e.g. familiarity with TCP/IP
  • Internal application knowledge
  • Familiarity with relevant OS platform e.g. Windows, Linux etc.
  • Use of text editors and general file system commands
  • Basic command shell operations