Automated End-to-End Testing and Certification

Ascertified Hosted Testing Services

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The Ascertified Portal provides a flexible cloud based testing solution for QA, development, and certification testing. Based on VersaTest technology, it is a subscription based service that offers affordable cost of user-ship and rapid start-up for new testing environments.

A hosted testing solution solves many problems such as user scalability, cost of implementation, logistical issues with network connections, security, and a 24-7 available system with access from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Users: Adding users is a simple task. You decide what data they can access and their scope of testing capabilities. User training is accomplished via computer -based training modules. Rapid implementation of a test practice can be achieved with users up and running in less than 30 minutes.

Security: Secure user authentications provides access to your testing environments. You have the option of shared sever or dedicated private hosted sever testing environments.

Software: The software is browser based with all major browsers supported. No local software installation is necessary and there’s no need to worry about updates. All software and standard testing environments (including mandates) are included in the service.

Automation: With Ascertified, users can enjoy increased efficiencies in testing via time saving features like automated test execution and error identification down to the bit level. Automatic test report archival for compliance and historical tracking. Automation of repetitive tasks, such as test report archival for compliance and historical tracking, frees up time for higher level testing activities.

Uses: With a flexible architecture, Ascertified can be used for many different types of testing. Examples are: mandate testing, pre-certification and final certification testing, regression testing, interoperability, functional testing, load testing, performance testing, smoke testing, stress testing, and security/fraud testing.

Investment: You don’t have to have a huge budget, be a big company, or take out a loan to have the newest testing technology. Ascertified allows any business the opportunity to implement robust automated testing services for a modest investment.


For a risk free test drive of Ascertified Cloud Testing Services, send an email to   and an Ascert Associate will grant you access to the Ascertified test system. Just put “Test Drive Ascertified” in the subject line.