Automated End-to-End Testing and Certification


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VersaTest has been used to solve all manner of testing problems throughout the application life cycle. From functional, through system and integration, operational proving / devops, performance and regression testing, VersaTest has "been there, done that". It's been used to simulate areas as diverse as individual fingerprints in a biometric payments application to radar displays used by air traffic controllers. It's been distributed across multiple servers to stress test a payments application, and embedded within individual ATMs to enable new ATM functions to be released in advance of corresponding host changes.

We can honestly say we've not come across an interface that VersaTest has been unable to simulate. We like to think of ourselves as the "go to" company - when others say it can't be done, people come to us and we do it. That's not to say that VersaTest is always the best choice for an individual interface, but we'll tell you when we think there are other more appropriate solutions for your overall testing needs.

The remainder of this section presents some of the more common areas where our products have solved real needs.