Automated End-to-End Testing and Certification

ATM Testing

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The ATM is often the first point of contact between a financial institution and its customers. Optimizing this experience for the consumer is a key goal for the success of self-service financing. The ATM interface has to appear simple, while behind the scenes, a complex set of operations exist, including a sophisticated application running on the ATM itself. Functions such as security controls, remote deposit operation, 1:1 marketing & personalization, accurate ATM/Host message communication, and user interactive features are key elements in the user experience.

Unfortunately, for most companies, the increasing demand to test more aand more sophisticated ATM functionality is countered by reduced personnel resources or simple bandwidth. Developers are already spending upwards of 37% of their time debugging and fixing errors. But, the consequences of inadequate ATM testing can produce dire results and be highly visible. Conversely, financial institutions can gain up to 80% cost and time savings through effective testing. Clearly, more testing will produce greater payback.

The solution

The solution is simple; automated end-end ATM testing from Ascert, offering a testing configuration that covers the scope of ATM testing from A to Z. Using Ascert’s powerful VersaTest technology for message processing and interface/operation testing while running the actual ATM application, financial institutions can test all aspects of ATM operation. This automated testing generates detailed prescriptive intelligence to address any errors in the system. The results are unprecedented.

Ascert’s ATM testing solution offers significant benefits:

  • Faster time to market with new services – Faster = More $
  • User friendly interface designed for non-technical users
  • Facilitate remote testing via Ascert’s Hosted Cloud Solution
  • More testing in less time
  • Automated test reporting with prescriptive results
  • Simulate any type of ATM, Deposit Device or Kiosk that uses CEN/XFS, J/XFS or Xpeak
  • Easy to configure new features to test (EMV, envelope free deposits, image-capture)